Pinnacle Security was established with the main objective of providing companies with sound security advice, assistance as well as effective solutions to wide-ranging problems that a business may experience.

Identifying if the existing security structures are being utilized to its full potential, and provide complementary support to existing structures. Pinnacle Security is a South African company and one of the country’s fastest growing security service providers. We at Pinnacle Security enjoy an inimitable reputation for setting new standards in all aspects of the security industry. As in any field, Pinnacle Security believe that the setting of new standards is achieved through commitment and excellence, coupled with the ability to satisfy customer/client needs by providing the finest services and unbeatable customer/client service.

Pinnacle Security is unequaled in its ability to offer top quality services to clients. We commit ourselves to keeping our customers/clients satisfied with quality service and thriving satisfaction. Our primary concern for the establishment institutes security services and cleaning services