Mission and Vision

To propel the corporation to be a premier provider of our listed services in the Southern African region by offering a turnkey service that meet and satisfies the various needs of all and any customers/clients.

To strive and foster innovative services to all and any of our customers/clients, by meeting them, maintaining and managing their requirements. To undertake and develop good relationships, that leads to trustworthiness, honesty, integrity and reliability and to constantly expand our expertise into new markets.

Our philosophy ensures that our clients’ needs are promptly addressed. We provide cost effective solutions to problems. We also endeavor to retain a good relationship and open communication with government officials. Our Aims and Objectives

  •  To create economic empowerment and advance the economy.
  •  To strive for greater representation within the economy of South Africa.
  •  To create economic transformation.
  •  To train and develop all involved with Pinnacle Security.
  •  To implement corporate social investments.